Cure Media stands as the sole Nordic company to receive nominations at the esteemed Global Influencer Marketing Awards. Their recognition comes in two categories: “Best Influencer Marketing Platform” and “Best Large Influencer Marketing Agency.”

These nominations serve as a powerful validation of Cure Media’s competence, success, and growth since their establishment in 2014. As a prominent influencer marketing player in the Nordic region, Cure Media has played a pivotal role in shaping and spearheading the industry. Their emphasis on cultivating meaningful and impactful collaborations between brands and influencers, along with their assistance in refining marketing strategies for companies, has been instrumental in their achievements.

Expressing pride in the company’s accomplishments, Cure Media’s CEO, Sam Foroozesh, highlights the substantial progress they have made in tandem with the industry. He affirms, “Cure Media is tremendously honored to be nominated for the Global Influencer Marketing Awards. This recognition serves as a testament to the tireless efforts we have invested in establishing ourselves as a leading influencer marketing entity, not only within the Nordic region but on a global scale.”

Sam Foroozesh further emphasizes Cure Media’s significant contribution to the indu