Summer is around the corner, and so is vacation! Whether you are spending the summer on the beach, in the office or in the hammock – make sure you have some rewarding summer reading ready. In this blog post, we list the 5 most read blogs for 2019. 

The team at Cure Media wishes you a wonderful summer! 

How to integrate influencer marketing into the overall media mix

Your responsibility as a marketer is to continually evaluate and challenge your existing methods – otherwise, you will never be able to benefit from influencer marketing. Is there any better time to think about this than in peace and quiet during your vacation? Probably not! In order to succeed with influencer marketing, you need to define the concrete value that it can bring to your business as well as how it can complement and strengthen your other channels and marketing efforts. In this post, we tell you more about how to proceed!

3 ways your influencer marketing will show results 

Setting clear goals and KPIs for your influencer marketing is necessary for various reasons – especially to be able to measure ROI on your efforts. But in which ways can influencer marketing show results? For example, a company with online services or products, where the consumer easily can make a purchase or register online for services, will be able to see conversions in real-time. Also, in the long run (through well-executed influencer marketing) you will be able to increase market shares and brand awareness. Read more about how these results can create value for your brand in this blog post!

Which influencer is right for your influencer activation?

Knowing which influencer is right for your brand is not easy. An important thing to keep in mind here is whether an influencer’s followers match and reflect your chosen target audience – this is more important than just looking at the number of followers. Remember; a profile with fewer followers can sometimes generate better results than one with millions of followers. In this blog post, you will learn which pitfalls to avoid and how to best find the right influencer for you and your brand.

Why you should include influencer marketing in your recruiting strategy 

Influencer marketing + recruitment = true! More and more companies are beginning to realize the value of including influencer marketing as part of their recruitment strategy, both when it comes to recruiting new employees and when it comes to building an employer brand for the long term. No wonder, perhaps, as studies show that up to 86% of job seekers use social media in their job search.  An advantage with this is that you can reach your future employees on their terms, by meeting them in relevant contexts. For example with an influencer they have actively chosen to follow! Read about additional strengths in using influencer marketing in your recruitment here. 

8 reasons why you should invest in influencer marketing 

Have you defeated your initial fears about influencer marketing, but are still questioning the benefits it could have for your brand? In this blog post, we highlight eight benefits with influencer marketing – and why you should invest in it now (or well, when you’re back from vacation)! For example, did you know that your marketing becomes more relevant to the customer, and that it is possible to see an increased outcome on other media investments? Read about all the eight reasons here!

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