In this blog post, we highlight our 3 most read customer stories about influencer marketing 2019. Read how the Swedish Police Authority, Puma and Efva Attling use influencer marketing to pay attention to the need for police officers, activate young girls and create brand awareness. 

The Swedish Police Authority 

Recruitment + influencer marketing = success! The shortage of police officers in Sweden means that fewer crimes are solved and the number of investigations is growing with every day. Simply put: Sweden is in urgent need of more police officers. Based on this fact, the Swedish Police Authority decided to try out new ways to market themselves towards potential police candidates.

Read about this influencer marketing campaign that aimed to pay attention to the need for more police officers in Sweden, with the ultimate aim to increase the number of applicants to the Swedish National Police Academy among one of their most important focus target groups – women.


Is it possible to activate young girls to workout with the help of influencer? The answer is yes! PUMA teamed up with Cure Media in order to reach and activate their millennial female target audience in selected northern European countries. The message? #DOYOU – encouraging women to live life their way.

”I’ve never seen such a success with influencers in Finland.”

– Kevin Beaulier, the media agency Zenith.

Download the case and learn more about the creative concept, how the right influencers were identified and the results that the influencer activation contributed to!

Efva Attling 

Efva Attling is the leading jewelry designer of Scandinavia. In their quest to reach out to a younger target group, they teamed up with Cure Media to implement an influencer marketing campaign centered around a number of seasonal influencer activations in Sweden and Finland. The result? The campaign achieved over 2 million in reach and increased brand awareness on both markets!

Download the case and read more about the long-term approach based on continuity and seasonal trends, the goal of the influencer activation and effects and results.

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